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A bottle of our Cardi Bay Welsh Vodka and an Espresso Martini sitting on a barrel with a fire in the background.

Espresso Cardi-ni

Crafted using our Master award-winning Cardi Bay Welsh Vodka, this serve elevates the classic Espresso Martini recipe with the addition of vanilla and coconut flavours!


  • Cardi Bay Welsh Vodka - 25ml
  • Coffee Liqueur - 25ml
  • Espresso Shot*
  • Vanilla Syrup - 7.5ml
  • Coffee Bean Garnish


  • Add all the ingredients to a shaker, top with ice and shake.
  • Double strain into a Martini or Coupe glass.
  • Garnish with 3 coffee beans.
  • *Top tip - the espresso doesn't have to be hot from the machine - you can make it in advance.

Inspired by the vibrant yellow gorse that grows along the Ceredigion coast and infused with hints of vanilla and coconut, our Cardi Bay Welsh Vodka is deliciously smooth and adds depth to any cocktail.

Are you tempted to try our twist on an Espresso Martini? Tap here to shop our Cardi Bay Vodka!

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