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A bottle of our Black Batch Welsh Rum, a whole lime cut in half, and two high-ball glasses of our Ginger Spiced Mojito cocktail sitting on a barrel outside in the sunshine, with a field of grass and wildflowers in the background.

Ginger Spiced Mojito

Mojitos are always a crowd-pleaser, so today we thought we’d bring you a twist on the classic cocktail - our Ginger Spiced Mojito - a perfect refreshing serve for someone who enjoys their rum with ginger beer!

This tasty cocktail features our Black Batch Cask Aged Rum, which is lightly spiced with orange, cinnamon & cloves, and pairs beautifully with a good quality ginger beer. The cask-aged rum and ginger beer add a rich depth to this serve, with the lime and mint elevating the cocktail with a boost of freshness, resulting in a delightfully refreshing serve, balanced with the addition of sweet simple syrup!


  • Black Batch Rum - 50ml
  • Lime - Whole
  • Mint - 6 Leaves
  • Aromatic Bitters - 2 Dashes
  • Simple Syrup - 12.5ml
  • Ginger Beer - 40ml
  • Mint Garnish


  • Roll your lime, cut into 8 pieces, add to a tall glass and muddle.
  • Clap the mint in your hands, add to the glass and top with crushed ice.
  • Pour in the rum, syrup, bitters and ginger beer, then mix well with a bar spoon.
  • Add a straw, top with crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig.

The versatility of our range makes it perfect for cocktails! Do you fancy creating our Ginger Spiced Mojito? - Tap here to shop our Black Batch Rum!

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