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Pembrokeshire Pinky Welsh Gin

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40% vol Pink Welsh Gin

70cl bottle

28 UK Units

Named after the flower of Pembrokeshire - the Pink Thrift - Pembrokeshire Pinky Welsh Gin has refreshingly crisp flavours of cherry and lemongrass along with a gorgeously smooth finish.

Serving Suggestions

Pembrokeshire Pinky Welsh Gin with Coriander & Lime:

Squeeze a lime wedge into a glass filled with ice. Pour in the Pembrokeshire Pinky Gin and add a splash of tonic. Clap fresh coriander leaves between your hands to elevate its aroma and garnish. The addition of coriander and lime perfectly complement the lemongrass and sweet cherry flavours of the Welsh gin, resulting in a refreshing and balanced serve.

Pembrokeshire Pinky Welsh Gin with Cherry & Elderflower:

Fill a glass with ice and pour in the Pembrokeshire Pinky Gin. Top with elderflower tonic and garnish with a fresh cherry. The elderflower tonic helps enhance the flavours of lemongrass found in the Welsh gin, with the cherry garnish matching the pink gin’s refreshing notes of cherry, leading to a crisp and flavoursome finish.

A bottle of our refreshing Pembrokeshire Pinky Welsh Gin next to a Pinky Aperol Spritz cocktail in a delicate wine glass on top of slate with fairy lights in the background.

Pinky Aperol Spritz

Try our Welsh pink gin in this Pinky Aperol Spritz - our Eccentric twist on the famous Italian cocktail!

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